Owner: Mike Forgie

Next Step Connect was established in 2014 as an outlet for Mike to house all of his freelancing clients. Since then, he has worked with businesses in many industries (real estate, auto dealers, home builders, electricians, lawyers, accountants, landscapers, and many more), and always found success with search engine optimization and search ads.

You can learn more about Mike at https://www.mikeforgie.com/.

About Next Step Connect 1


Next Step Connect’s mission is to dominate the local markets for its clients’ industry. We do this via search engine optimization, search engine ads, and social media marketing.


Local markets are hyper-focused. The prospects are looking for a solution to their problem in a specific area.


Optimization via content creation, relationship building, and advertising using decades of experience.

Oldie But Goodie

We like sharing this video because it is filled with Mike’s neighbors who run local businesses. It was after a four-week intensive course on how to optimize your website.

Newer Video

AI is HUGE right now, and everyone is worried it will take their jobs. Listen to Mike talk to AI industry leader, Jordan Wilson, about AI and not being afraid of it.

Mike loves to talk about SEO, marketing, freelancing, and more. If you have a podcast, online show, etc, feel free to contact him to be a guest.


About Next Step Connect and Mike

Where is Next Step Connect located?

We are based out of New Jersey. Mike travels the country visiting his clients in person, so no worries if you are in another state.

Who performs the work if Mike is traveling?

It is still Mike who creates all strategies for his clients. He has a team that performs tasks under his guidance. Also, using AI, Mike has been able to scale himself.

What service does Next Step Connect offer?

Search engine optimization and search engine ads. For services outside of those scopes such as website design, branding, social media management, and social media advertising, we have partnered with trusted agencies. Just ask what you need.

How much does Next Step Connect charge?

This is on a per-client basis. We have packages we will send to you based on what services you are interested in and the competitiveness of your market.

Can I get consulting?

Yes. Even if you don’t qualify as an active client, you can get consulting on your marketing strategy. For more information, contact us.